NT Human Services Industry Plan

Industry Led

The Plan

The Northern Territory’s 10-year Human Services Industry Plan (2019 - 2029) is designed to unite efforts across the public and private sectors, with themes, priorities and actions targeted towards building “strong and inclusive organisations; supporting our people, our cultures and our communities through quality human services”.

While every client, organisation and region within the Territory is unique, the themes and priorities identified were consistent throughout the consultation. It was identified that for Territorians to receive consistent, high-quality outcomes, services must be person-centred, place- based, evidence-based, culturally safe, and secure. In order to deliver quality services, organisations must be sustainable, have skilled workforces, and be better connected across industry.

This Human Services Industry Plan:

  • Sets a vision for the future of the industry

  • Aims to unify the industry and strengthen its ability to work with other stakeholders to achieve the vision

  • Identifies the themes, priorities and initiatives that will achieve the vision

Throughout consultation, industry identified four key themes that provide the framework needed to achieve the Industry Plan Vision. These are broken down into twelve priorities (areas of focus).

  • A Connected Industry

    • Information & Communication

    • Governance and leadership

  • Strong and Sustainable Organisations

    • Collaboration

    • Sustainability

    • Advocacy

  • A Skilled Workforce

    • Attraction and retention

    • Cultural safety

    • Capacity building

    • Community workforce development

  • High-Quality Services

    • Delivery

    • Access & Availability

    • Community Led

Note: The priority areas have been attributed to one of the four key themes, however many of them are interconnected.

The implementation of initiatives and the ongoing industry planning process will provide an opportunity to influence how governments and providers work together to deliver quality human services for Territorians.